Introduction is owned and operated by the company New World Group, a company registered in Pakistan. Our Privacy Policy identifies and explains the various methods of data collection, use, disclosure, and otherwise processing of identifiable information that has been gathered from customers as a result of the customer’s usage of the New World Group website accessible at (site). References to the site are deemed to include derivatives thereof, including, but not limited to mobile websites. By visiting and using the website, you consent to the collection, use, disclosure, and otherwise processing of your personal data as stated in this privacy policy.

In case of any changes to this privacy policy by New World Group to reflect law, collection and use of personal data, website features or technological advancements. In instances we make changes to the collection methods and use of personal data, we shall post an update on this privacy policy with a notice of application of said changes at the top of this privacy policy. Therefore it is recommended that you visit and check this page frequently so that you remain up to date with our practices and policies. New World Group will also prominently state the forthcoming changes before putting the changes into practice for your information. If you do not wish to agree with the policies set forth by the privacy policy, or do not agree with the changes in the policies please discontinue use of the website and its associated applications. However if you continue to use the Site after the implementation date of such changes, you should have consented to the changes mentioned therein.

Protecting Your Personal Data

To prevent the unauthorized access of personal data, New World Group ensure a strict adherence policy of safeguarding all information stored on the site, we safeguard all Personal Data against accidental or unlawful destruction or accidental loss, alteration, or unauthorized disclosure or access. For the safeguarding of credit card information New World Group uses Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology which encrypt credit card information during transit.

Polices Pertaining to Cookies and Page Tags

By visiting our Site, you assent to the presence and usage of cookies and tags as discussed. Our site uses session and persistent cookies together with page tags to gather and collect specific information about you. Cookies or page tags may be from New World Group and/or third party vendors selected to work with. Session cookies are deleted from your computer when you close the browser. Persistent cookies will exist on your computer even after the browser has been closed, however can be deleted from the settings tab of your browser. The use of these cookies and page tags may differ, and are described in the proper sections below.

Website analytics

Third party companies may use persistent cookies to analyze your surfing behavior during your visit to this Site as well as other web sites enabling us to make improvements. Website analytics platforms may be used to collect unidentifiable information for reports such as impression reporting, demographic reporting and interest reporting. To opt out of collection of information by third parties for analytic purposes, please click on one or more of the third party links in the above “Opt out Tools” section.


New World Group may use a combination of the above discussed cookies and page tags to adapt your interaction with our Site and our ads to your inclinations. We use display and search remarketing to mold ad content for a better user experience.

Where other advertising may not require the use of cookies or page tags, third party data is used to determine when a New World Group ad will be shown.

New World Group takes all possible actions to not collect, and to prevent the use of, personal data in third party advertising solutions, unless you have consented. To opt-out of collection of information by third parties for advertising purposes, please click on one or more of the third party links in the above “Opt Out Tools” section.

Advertising and content on other websites

New World Group uses third party tools to show ads on a variety of websites. New World Group does not support nor endorses the objectives, causes or declarations of the websites which show our ads.

How You Can Access or Change Your Personally Identifiable Information

In case you wish to update any Personal Data you have provided previously, or to exercise any right of access, alteration, modification, removal, or disagreement to the processing of your Personal Data that you may have under pertinent laws, please let us know via our Customer Support page. In order to safeguard your privacy and safekeeping, we will authenticate your identity before providing access or allowing to make changes to your Personal Data. All requests to make changes to Personal data will be answered in a given timeframe. You may also object to the processing of your Personal Data for purposes of advertising and market and opinion research. Out of our sole discretion we may charge a fee to grant access in accordance with applicable laws.

To come in contact with our available customer care representatives about privacy issues via email, you may send an email to:


This privacy policy and all its parts have been originally written according to the rules set by the English Language. Translations of this policy can be made available in any languages as per your convenience. Whereby in case of any conflict of idea between the English version and that of the translated version, the English version shall prevail.

Terms of Use

In order to learn about the Terms of Use please consult the “Terms of Use” document. This Privacy Policy serves as an integral part of the terms of use document.

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